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Diploma in Business Administration
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Diploma in Business Administration

Awarded by Mantissa College
Overview-Student will learn how to adopt an inquisitive approach. The student will also be equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are fundamental to exercising critical thinking in the competitive business arena.
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Frequently Ask Questions

1) What is Diploma in Business Administration (DiBA) programme?
Diploma in Business Administration is aimed at SPM/ High-School Qualifications and also working adults with adequate work experience in a position of responsibility for career development and gain personal advancement. The curriculum has been designed to provide students with a solid background in accounting, finance, marketing, management and related business subjects.
2) I have completed similar courses at another institution. How do I apply for transfer credits?
You are required to submit the full transcript of the other institution. Credit transfer will be processed upon application.
3) How many semesters are there in a year? And, how many subjects can I take per semester?
There are 3 semesters in a year; January – short semester, March – long semester and August – long semester. In short semester, you are only allowed to take 3 subjects; up to a maximum of 10 credits. In a long semester, you are allowed to take 5 subjects; up to a maximum of 20 credits.
4) What tuition support options are available?
Malaysian student may apply for PTPTN or EPF funding. Also, student may perform self-funding
5) If I submit an application, how long will it take to receive a response?
Depending on when the application is received, applicants can expect to receive a response within 2-3 weeks.
6) How does the programme work?
DiBA students study 25 subjects across 2 years whereby coursework carries 60% and final exam carries 40%.

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